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A House of Hope St. Louis, MO


  • Education/Information/Resources

  • HIV/AIDS Screenings

  • Movie & Game Nights

  • We are a condom distribution site

  • Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

  • In-Home Health Care Services

  • Medicaid, Medicare & VA Options

  • Misc. Resources & Services

A House of Hope is a St. Louis based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  
Our overall objectives are: (1) to provide regular educational, recreational and informational activities to adults with HIV/AIDS to enrich and empower a normal lifespan. (2) To provide HIV testing to anyone, in an attempt to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV to another person or an unborn child. (3) To provide in-home health care services to assist in remaining independently living in the home. (4) To provide healthy food options to ensure healthier eating habits.  (5) To provide assistance through emergency housing, transitional, and permanent housing programs.

HIV AIDS Resoruce Center St. Louis, MO


No upcoming events at the moment
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